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Steven Beckley, Beckley Automotive and Beckley Imports

Like many of our customers, we love Saab. If you wonder how you can keep your Saab alive and well, now that they are out of production, we can help. At Beckley Imports, we have the tools and training to maintain the health and vitality of your Saab for years to come. From general maintenance to repair work, we want to see your Saab on the road. Let us know how we can help make that happen. We welcome the opportunity to hear the story of your Saab. Please contact us if there are questions we can answer for you.

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  1. Carole Kelderman
    Carole Kelderman says:

    I have a 1975 Mercedes 240 D that has a million miles. Now that the bottom fell out, I found another car. It is a beautiful 1997 SAAB 900SE. I have not picked it up yet because I have a naysayer in the household. I am being told the 1997s have multiple problems, and often lose their engines, etc. I bought three old 1994 and 1995 SAABs for kids and loved them. Do I have anything to fear assuming the 1997 has had the normal maintenance, wear and tear, etc.? I am concerned about factory and design flaws. Any comments? Thanks

    • Steve Beckley
      Steve Beckley says:

      Hi Carole, I had 3 Mercedes Diesels in a row in the 80’s and loved them all too. My wife loved Saabs, in fact that’s how we met, and she asks me to keep my eyes open for another. But I’m dragging my feet, at least as a primary driver. Saabs were among the most durable cars we serviced and had the highest owner loyalty by far. We still work on them but each one’s an adventure now… parts are getting hard to get and twenty year old 900s need a lot of attention. I didn’t see any 900 series that was trouble-prone (9000’s are a different matter). The most important thing is to get a thorough pre-purchase inspection. We can provide that and it can save much disappointment. All that said, a red Saab convertible in the drive would make me a hero but it’s going to be a weekend car.

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