European car brakes and anti-lock systems des moines, european car serviceWhen you need car brake and anti-lock systems service in Des Moines, call Beckley’s first and save yourself a headache!

Nobody likes to pay too much for anything, and discount brakes may seem like a good idea. The trouble is that making a wrong choice here will condemn you to live with squealing, uneven stopping and black dust on your shiny wheels for thousands of miles. The brake pads, brake discs and hydraulic components we install in your European auto all meet or exceed new car specifications. The result is brakes that last longer, perform better and don’t cover your wheels with that nasty black soot.

Our technicians are experts in European anti-lock brake technology. Bosch was the originator of Anti-Lock technology for today’s cars and, as an Authorized Bosch Service Center, we have the training, tools and experience to keep this most important safety feature of your import vehicle in tip-top shape, ready to protect you from skids and loss of steering.