BMW Repair Specialists (Des Moines, Central Iowa)

Beckley’s has provided Central Iowa with professional BMW car care for over 40 years – longer than any other certified European car service facility.

Are you concerned about the need or cost of a service or repair?

Please give us a call. You’ll speak with an expert who understands the unique needs and service requirements of your BMW. We offer sensibly priced repair options and service solutions that you won’t find at new car dealers or ordinary repair shops.

Add years to the life of your car.

Beckley’s is equipped to provide any service or repair on your BMW and our experience saves you time and expense – not only by efficiently resolving repair issues but preventing them in the first place..

Is your car in warranty?

All of our services meet or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements to protect any new car and extended warranties you may have.

BMW Service and Repair in Des Moines, IA | Beckley Automotive Services

The Importance of a Professional BMW Service Provider

BMW Cars Service and Repair in Des Moines, IA | Beckley Automotive Services

How much is an oil change?  Budget $100-$150 depending on your BMW model (Around $65 for older BMW’s) If you are paying less you’re missing out on some very important elements.

Using the correct BMW specified engine oil is essential for engine life and any warranty. We use only Mobil 1 0W-40 Full Synthetic. Beware of cut-rate oil changes that use anything less!

An engine oil service at Beckley’s comes with a comprehensive 30 point written inspection performed by an ASE Certified Master Technician. Our highly experienced BMW specialists know what to look for and how to respond to prevent problems and keep your car safe and reliable.

Following the service we reset your oil change reminder to keep you up to date.

This is an outstanding value you won’t find at ordinary repair shops.

How often should I change my oil? While each BMW can be different depending on how you use your car, weather, mileage, etc. generally speaking you can go 7,500 miles safely if you use the correct oil. Change oil annually if you drive less than 10,000 miles/ year.

What other service does my BMW need? Important items include spark plugs, fluids, filters, tire rotation and wheel alignment among other things. We know precisely what to monitor to make your car last for extra years without any needless expense.   Not all of these systems require attention at the same time.

Here at Beckley’s we keep track of the service you’ve had, what’s due and what’s coming due in the future so you can choose what fits your time and budget. Newer BMW’s use a Condition Based Service (CBS) system to indicate the service required. We have the special tools to talk to this system and keep everything in order.

Please call us with any questions about how to care for your BMW .

Do you provide estimates? You, will always receive an estimate before we perform any work. Because we service so many BMW’s we can generally tell you how much to budget for a service or repair. If a problem requires testing to determine the cause, we agree to a budget for the test.

Our customers often tell us it costs less to have their car serviced here than at the new car dealership.

Is a pre-owned BMW a good idea? It can be a great idea. Today’s cars will easily go 150,000 thousand miles or more when they are maintained properly. (My own BMW has over 100,000 and runs great!) We provide thorough BMW pre-purchase inspections.

Call us for “insider” information about the best models.

What else should I know about my BMW?   Put GOOD tires on it. Your BMW has the world’s best brakes and steering and you enjoy that every time you drive. But they only perform as well as your tires and discount tires (like a discount oil change) are no bargain on you BMW.

Call us about tire and wheel alignment concerns. We’re BMW tire and wheel alignment experts and we’ll keep your BMW driving like new.  

More questions?

We’re here to help you get the most enjoyment, safety and long life from your BMW and we’ve done this for thousands of Central Iowan’s over 40 years. Please call us with any questions about caring for your car. We really are happy to help.