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Yes – you CAN get Porsche service in Des Moines!

We’ve serviced these outstanding cars since the mid 80s. With all this experience we know their unique quirks and personalities. Our experience will save you considerable time and expense – not only by efficiently resolving repair issues, but also by preventing them in the first place. Our Porsche service for Des Moines are provided by specialists that are certified and equipped to provide any service or repair on your car.

Porsche Service and Repair in Des Moines, IA | Beckley Automotive Services

Routine Maintenance

Late model Porsches have service computers that tell you when maintenance is required. We have the tools and equipment to communicate with your vehicle’s computers, interpret what they say, and update and reset them when the service is complete. Yes, we can service your car in warranty. All of our services meet or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements to protect any new car and extended warranties you may have.

The Importance of a Professional Oil & Filter Service

Many repair shops offer a cheap oil change to attract customers. They are performed by entry level technicians using low grade filters and oils, making it simple to charge $20-$30 and survive.

At Beckley’s we have always seen an oil service as the perfect time to have your car thoroughly inspected to insure that it’s safe and reliable for months to come.

An oil change at Beckley’s is performed by the Certified Master Technician who has specialized in your make of car – whether it’s an Audi, Mercedes, Volvo or other European model. Your Master Tech is totally familiar with your car, what to look for and how to respond to prevent problems and keep your car safe and reliable.

We use the approved oils and filters (Mobil 1) which last for extended drain intervals and protect any warranties you have.

A 5qt. conventional oil change starts at $40 and a full synthetic starts at $60. Estimating $80-$150 for high performance models like the BMW or Mercedes V8’s makes this a low budget commitment.

Each service includes a thorough 30 point written inspection, plus we reset all your service computers and lights.

Do you really want a cut-rate oil change for your European car? Have your oil service performed at Beckley’s and enjoy all the benefits our experience and specialized service provides at a sensible price.

Oil Service

Because it’s a high performance European import, many Porsches require synthetic oil. Consequently they can go 7,500 miles between oil services in city driving. When we perform your oil service your Porsche receives a comprehensive 30 point written inspection. It’s not simply looking, it’s knowing what we see and how to respond that makes the difference. Following the service we reset your service computer so you stay on track.

You should budget around $150 (depending on your engine) for this synthetic oil service and safety inspection.

Note – Many Porsches don’t see 7500 miles a year. Even if you don’t put on that many miles, do an oil service once a year. Preferably in the Fall so it gets stored with clean fluids.

Early Porsches use less expensive conventional motor oil. Here the time between service is 5000 miles. Budget around $110 dollars for the same comprehensive service, safety inspection and hand wash.

Inspection – Major Service

A Major Service can be indicated around 30,000 mile intervals, depending on your driving conditions.

Frequent short trips (under 10 miles), cold weather, stop and go driving, excessive idling and warm up decrease the time between inspections.

At these intervals the systems that can require attention include; Spark plugs, cabin and air filters, transmission service, fuel filters, brake fluid and coolant replacement. Not all of these systems require attention at the same time. Cabin (interior) air filter replacement is normally 1 year, brake fluid replacement is 2 years, coolant is typically 5 years, and transmission fluid can often go 60,000 miles or more. Budget $400 to $600 depending on what your car requires. Our customers tell us it costs much less to have us perform their required maintenance than at the dealership.

You will always receive an estimate after we inspect your car and before we perform any service so you can chose what fits your time and budget.

Other Porsche maintenance items that don’t follow a specific schedule but make your car last longer and drive better are;

Wheel alignment service

A new set of tires can cost over $1000, and much more in the long run if you only get half the life they could provide. We have a state of the art wheel alignment system for Porsche. For $60 we can quickly take a ‘snapshot’ of your Porsche’s wheel alignment and insure you’re getting the best handling and life from your tires. We recommend this once a year and it can easily be combined with your oil service. If adjustments are required budget $150 total, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less depending on the range of the adjustments required. When the alignment is correct, your car will get the longest tire life and it will handle like, well… a Porsche.

Tire balance and rotation

Every time we perform a service, we will measure your tires and make any recommendations that will extend their life and improve your ride.

Over years of specialized Porsche service we’ve found that owners who maintain their vehicles well are far more satisfied with their cars. They are very rarely let down by their vehicles – if at all. Some owners feel the only maintenance their cars need is a periodic ‘quick lube’ and ‘bring it in when there is a problem’. As you might expect, these are the cars that come in on a tow truck. Expensive repairs and down time can be avoided by proper maintenance.

Please call us with any questions or concerns about maintaining your Porsche. We will be happy to talk with you about getting the most from your car and scheduling you for service on your European import.