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Factory Scheduled Maintenance in Des Moines, IA

A major service replaces filters, fluids, belts, sometimes spark plugs and other items that wear out or get consumed as you drive. It also scans your car’s computers for any pending problems. Manufacturers commonly recommend this at 30,000 mile intervals.


Here at Beckley Automotive the idea is to prepare your car to operate reliably until the next service without breakdown or performance problems. An inspection process is followed by the technician. Any needs are noted as “suggested” or “required”. The guidelines for these recommendations have been developed by MAP, the Motorist Assurance Program.

We understand it’s your car and your choice about how it gets fixed. Our job as automotive professionals is to provide you with all the accurate information you need to make an informed decision about your repair options. We will always provide the time necessary to explain all your options and answer any questions you have regarding the safe repair and maintenance of your car.

“My Car Is Maintenance Free?”

“This car is virtually maintenance free”, boasts the new car salesman. And he’s right, sort of…In the last few years, with cleaner engines and better lubricants, manufacturers have been extending service intervals so not much is required during the warranty period. In fact, many new cars come with Free Maintenance during this period – a basic oil change or two. The fact is, almost all new cars will last the first 30-50,000 miles without any attention. Then you begin to pay for all the neglect. Components like engines, transmissions, pumps and hydraulic units can commonly last 200,000 miles with proper care. Without this care you can need a new car in half that time. Good for the salesman, bad for you.