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                                                                                Check Engine Light On? Here's What to Do - CARFAX

Check Engine Lights and Engine Issues in Des Moines, IA

Also known to many as the “Check Wallet Light” and fitted to all 1995 and later cars, this warning light is connected to computers that monitor hundreds of systems on your car. Its illumination could signal an emission system fault (air pollution), overheating or even a loose gas cap. Blinking “check engine” lights while you drive means a problem exists that could potentially damage your car and you should stop driving immediately and call for help.

Your car’s computers are pretty smart. They can report if a problem occurs… often before the driver senses a problem. But they can’t always pinpoint the cause or the faulty part. It’s like a fire alarm in a high rise. It reports there’s a fire…but not what started it.

We can’t tell you what it will cost to fix the problem until we determine the cause. At Beckley Auto we do set a limit for the first step. Sometimes that’s enough to fix the car, sometimes not. But you won’t pay more than that without a report and your permission to proceed.

The quickest and least expensive way to handle a check engine light is an expert that can identify the fault correctly and repair it without a lot of guesswork. 

That’s us. Call Beckley Automotive when you have the need.