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Battery and Starter Systems in Des Moines, IA

Battery and Started Systems in Des Moines, IA | Beckley Automotive Services

Batteries have more power for their size these days but they still don’t last forever. Anything more than three or four years of Iowa winters is a bonus. What has changed is the demands placed on your battery. Heated seats, high powered headlights, concert quality sound systems all make your battery work harder. To keep up, alternators have become much more powerful.

Any time a battery fails we test to see if faults in your car – a short circuit or under performing alternator – led to an early demise. A new battery installed in a faulty car won’t fix your problem. We have the most sophisticated test equipment to ensure these components are doing their job as designed.

At Beckley Auto, we stock batteries. They have the power and performance to ensure quick starts and long life. Trying to fit the wrong battery can lead to rattles, short circuits or acid leaks. Now that batteries are often located in the trunk or under a seat, it’s critical to make sure batteries fit right, and we’re here to do that.

At Beckley Automotive we use quality starters and alternators on all European makes. They come with a two year parts and labor warranty and are original equipment on most European cars.