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Tire and Wheel Alignment in Des Moines, IA

When your tires are balanced and your wheels aligned correctly, your car glides down the road. No pulling, shakes or vibrations that make your coffee jiggle and your hands shake. Maybe not Walmart shopping cart but annoying and completely avoidable.


Tire and alignment service is some of our favorite work because the results are so noticeable.

Proper alignment means all wheels pointing the same direction. Improper alignment creates two problems, but you’ll notice only one from behind the wheel. Your car will pull to one side or you’ll have a crooked steering wheel. The other problem is premature tire wear. Unfortunately this is typically discovered after the damage is done.

If your car’s wheel alignment is off just 1/8 of an inch, it’s like dragging a tire sideways 3 miles for every 1000 miles you drive!

That’s why alignment is critical to long tire life.

At Beckley Auto we offer a four-wheel alignment test with a printout on any car.  In minutes we can determine if your wheels are tracking straight and insure you get the longest life from your tires. If adjustments are required you’ll receive an estimate to correct the problem. Don’t wait until your tire tread is scrubbed away. We recommend this quick check annually on all cars.

When it’s time for tires we sell Michelin, Continental, BF Goodrich and most other major brands. The difference between an excellent tire and a cut-rate tire is only a few dollars. Don’t scrimp here! Go ahead and put a budget tire on your Audi or BMW – now it drives like a budget car. The tire you choose will affect the way your car rides, handles and stops every mile you drive for years.

At Beckley Automotive we have the latest in tire handling and alignment equipment and technicians who really know how to use them. If you have tire or alignment questions, call us. This is one of our favorite topics.