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As European Car fans and passionate about taking care of our BMW, we really appreciate the attention we get from Beckley Imports. They are professional, thorough about every detail and much better priced than the dealers. I would recommend them for any automotive repair needs - especially for a BMW, Mercedes or Volvo!


I miss Beckley. My husband (see Tony L's review below) and I moved to Virginia and have not found anywhere yet that we feel we can really trust like we do Beckley. I was actually happy when my 2004 VW GTI was out of warranty so I could take it to Beckley for everything and not just non-warranty work. We took the car for the state inspection out here in VA and were told we needed about a thousand dollars of work done before the car would pass inspection. We didn't trust the shop out here (it was a dealership, go figure) and actually were going to be back in Iowa with the car in a couple of weeks for a weekend. Beckley confirmed we did need the work done that the dealership said, but we felt a lot better giving them the money than the dealership. We've always trusted this shop and recommend them to everyone we know that drives a European car.


My wife and I have had several Volkswagens, and our families have also had a variety of European cars. Between us, we've had our share of general maintenance, repairs, and warranty recalls that we've had fixed at the dealerships, and every time it has sucked. Maybe Lithia or European Motor Cars can get something right and do their job occasionally, but they're always a hassle to deal with and really, just awful. Beckley has been fantastic. Maybe they can't do the free warranty work that the dealers can, but if the car is out of warranty, or it's work that the dealer would charge you anything for, it would be best to take it to Beckley where they will do it faster, better, and cheaper - plus actually be friendly. Their professionalism and friendliness means a lot and for any European car, I would highly recommend them.